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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Make your own Hamper- best affordable hamper ideas under $20

Buying a ready made hamper can prove a very expensive exercise, but it doesn't have to be. Getting some cheap cellophane and a piece of cardboard or a  cardboard box   (depending on the contents.) Recover it  in scrap material,wrapping paper or painting it a bright colour will do the trick. 

In terms of contents, make sure you utilise $2 shops and also consider buying travel sized products rather than full size to make your hamper more varied.

The good thing about making hampers is that you can usually buy a few items and spread them across several hampers or use the rest for yourself.  Instead of trying to cram in bulky items that come in a packet, considering taking them out and arranging  in the hamper instead. For example, a small packet of nappies could be taken out and individual nappies placed around some shampoos or towels to make it more visually appealing, or buy a whole tin of coffee but put them in smaller jars with ribbons to jazz them up. You don't have to put in every item listed in these suggestions, just add what you like from the list until you reach your budget limit. Also considering making your own things to go in. Search recipes for  foods,  home made beauty products or crafty items.

Here are some ideas to get you started but feel free to let your creativity flow!

  • Packet pasta
  • Couple of Fresh tomatoes
  • Dried Herbs (refill packs to make cheaper)
  • Cheese
  • Salt/Pepper
  • Unsliced bread loaf
  • Butter
  • Oil
  • An onion
  • Selection of 2 in 1 coffee sachets
  • Cocoa
  • Sugar
  • Long life milk
  • Marshmallows
  • Spoons
  • Couple of mugs
  • Packet of  or homemade sweet biscuits
  • Small cereal boxes
  • Snack size long life milk
  •  Orange juice squeezer
  • Oranges
  • Coffee sachets
  • Tea bags
  •  cups/mugs
  • Sliced bread
  • Cheap toaster
  • Facewashers/towels
  • Baby shampoo/conditioner/moisturiser/bath gel
  • Nappy cream
  • Nappies
  • Small soft toy
  • Baby wraps
  • thermometer
  • Nail scissors/hair brush
  • Baby panadol/Neurofen
  • Baby wipes
  • Hand cream for mum to be
  • Small books for baby 
  • Magazine for mum on pregnancy or children
  • Terry towel one piece suits  size 000 and up
  • Blanket
  • Socks/beanies/mittens
  • Bibs
  • Disposable camera
  • Socks
  • Deodorant spray
  • Towel
  • Talcum powder
  • Sweat bands
  • Water bottle
  • travel size shampoo, conditioner

  • Moisturisers
  • Nail polish
  • Nail/ foot file
  • Scrub
  • Lip Balm
  • Tweezers
  • Make up
  • Hair brush/ comb
  • Beauty/trash mag
  • Mini bar size liquor selection
  • Soft drink cans
  • Glasses
  • Bottle of wine
  • Crackers
  • Cheese
  •  Book on cocktail mixing
  • Fruit
  • Small toy cars
  • Paint and paintbrushes
  • Crayons
  • Play dough
  • Paper/ colouring books
  • Paper mache kit- balloons/newspaper/paint/ glue
  • reading books
  • dvds
  • musical instruments such as recorder, maraca or cymbals
  • Building blocks
  • soft toys
  • Shaving cream
  • Razor
  • Socks
  • Jocks
  •  Deodorant
  • Hair wax
  • Cologne samples

  • Cigarette lighter
  • Beer mug
  • Bar mat
  • Drinking game
  • Fishing tackle
  • Tools
  • Headlamp
  • Swiss army knife
  • Camping gear
  • Beer cans
  • Spirit samples
  • Shot glasses
  • Mens magazine 
  • BBQ tools
Home sweet home 
  • Tea towels
  • Oven mitts
  • Sweet treats such as biscuits
  • Recipe books ( or handwrite/type your own)
  •  Kitchen utensils such as wooden spoon, spatula etc
  • Chocolate
  • Spices/herbs
  • Sewing/mending kit
  •  Shopping list pad
  • Pens
  • dishwash/ laundry liquid/fabric softener
  • Pegs/peg tin
  • Key hooks/key ring
  • coathangers
  • Candles
  • Air freshener
  • Essential oils

Sunday, 30 June 2013

6 Ways to Make Some Extra Cash WITHOUT any special talent

1. Learner Driver Passenger

Got a bit of extra time and a full driver’s license? Use your time helping teens get their  driving  hours up for their logbooks. You could either get them to drive their car (or their parents) so you aren’t paying the insurance for under 25s or if you have the insurance, use your own. You aren’t acting as an instructor, rather just accompanying them like their parents would outside of professional lesson. Advertise on free sites like, Facebook or put flyers up in your local area.

2.Training buddy

Like to keep fit and work out? Lots of people want someone to train with someone so they stay motivated or are not as self conscious in a gym. Hiring a  pricey personal trainer for every session is always practical so consider renting  yourself out as  fitness buddy for regular gym workouts, spotting etc You get to train and get a small wage and may even make a lifelong friend.

3.Freelance Removalist

If you own a ute or trailer consider putting an add up to help people move house on the weekends or take away their rubbish for a fee. The amount of people that  also want to pick up second hand furniture but do not have the means or are unable to back a trailer is extremely common and if your rates are reasonable you are likely to get a lot of work. Advertise locally so you can manage your fuel costs better and keep your price down.

4. Sell Your Excess Fruit and Vegetables 

Do you have a veggie garden out the back that is overflowing with produce? Put them in freezer bags and  place a sign out the front of your house and sell cheaper than the supermarket. A packet of freezer bags is about 60 cents so if you sell your excess produce for a few dollars you just might do quite well! If it’s going to be a regular thing be sure to let the people who visit know and could  get their email address to let them know what you have excess of another time.

5.Census Collector

I did this last year in the NT counting the homeless. The first time it has ever been done. The money was good and the work was pretty simple. Just sitting down and assisting people to fill out the census form. Depending on the region you may just be required to drop off and pick up census forms. There is opportunity of travel to remote areas and a chance to get  a longer term of contract of work as they often need a few people to assist in planning meetings and data entry.

6. Nightclub photographer

You’ve’ seen the pictures on Facebook of plastered girls and guys with a wardrobe malfunction or  a gorgeous ‘selfie”  only to be destroyed by the idiot taking a whizz in the background. Why not offer a service to follow the girls around town and photograph their night for them? This is particularly good for significant birthdays such as 18ths, hens or bucks nights. All you really need is an iphone and a tolerance for drunks.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Want a career in Mining?

Lots of people want a career in the mining industry but it’s not always the easiest to get your foot in the door.   Find out how to get in with your best chance.


How long ago did you begin in mining, what attracted you and how did you get a job?
 I started in 2008 in Northern Territory as a contracted security guard looking for a career change. My boss asked me if I wanted to join the company as a process technician as they were training up fresh people to the industry. I accepted and did the training and enjoyed the versatility of the job with a similar roster to what I was doing already  and the money was great.

What sort of qualifications should someone get as a minimum requirement for their best chance of first time employment
 It depends on what area of mining you wish to get in to but the following qualifications  will give you broader employment prospects. None of them are cheap to get but are tax deductible once employed and are considered favourable by employers. Most mine sites in WA will not consider an applicant without an HR license. Women and indigenous are also encouraged to apply.

  • Heavy Rigid license
  • Forklift License
  • Safe work at Heights ticket
  • Elevated work Platform Ticket
  • White Card
  • Confined space ticket
  • Manual drivers license class C

 What sort of opportunities/career paths come from the mining industry
 Depending on the life of the mine there is  

  • Opportunity to climb the career ladder if you are willing to take on further training and responsibility.
  • The opportunity of travel both interstate and overseas
  • Competitive conditions can include paid relocation, healthcare, 12% superannuation, subsidized accommodation and more depending on the company.
What sort of hours are involved?
Always shift work  with a mix of day and night shifts unless have an  industry relevant degree. The job could also be a fly in fly out  position so there are extra hours there, however you are usually  financially compensated by a remote allowance. Shifts are generally 12 hours. 

What are the dangers associated with the industry

Mining positions generally carry  a  high risk of human error. Depending on your position you could be working with dangerous chemicals, confined spaces, heights and heavy machinery all
which carry an accident risk. It is important that if you enter this industry you have a strong safety focus and respect company safety policies and procedures and have a keen eye to detect safety issues.

What kind of positions are there? 

  • Trades like electrician, mechanic, plumbing etc
  • Hospitality
  • Degree positions such as engineering, diesel fitter, geology
  • Truck/heavy vehicles transport
  • Safety/Training Officers
  • Administration positions

 What advice do you you have for someone wanting to be successful in the mining industry?
Keep applying for every job you can.Mining is a competitive place to try and get employment so don't be afraid to start at the bottom. Have a good attitude and remember that safety is number one. Show respect to your team and supervisors as they can make or break your career. Never take shortcuts. Stay fit and healthy, and no drugs as job is usually physically demanding and regular medical and drug/alcohol tests are performed randomly. If you are a smoker be aware you may be unable to smoke at work  due to  recent health and safety policies. Do not limit yourself by looking for work in a particular state as many jobs require relocation or even to become residential of a particular state before applications will even be considered

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

TOP TEN WAYS TO SAVE ON ELECTRICITY- That you probably haven't done yet!

  1. Find out also what are your peak and off peak times and use what you can in off peak time.
  2. Contact a electricity comparison company to ensure you are getting the best rate.
  3. Install air-conditioner on shaded side of house so it doesn't have to work as hard to cool down
  4. Purchase a electricity usage device from Bunnings to track what each appliance is using
  5. Change filters on air-conditioners and exhaust fans regularly so that they are working effectively
  6. Check your fridge seals to make sure fridge isn't working overtime to keep groceries cool
  7. Double glaze the windows on the house. If you cant afford to do all windows, consider getting done the ones that face the summer sun.
  8. Have your house  professionally checked for gaps that let air escape and consider getting them sealed for a big saving
  9. Invest in a kettle with a warm setting so you are not reboiling water each time you make a coffee
  10. Use power saver adaptors turn off the power at the source for standby  appliances such as tvs without affecting the use of the remote.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

What it takes to be have a career as an Ambulance Officer

Ambulance Officer

What attracted you to having a job as an ambulance officer?

For me it was to continue maintaining my medical knowledge and experience, but it is not necessary to have had any previous experience as all training will be provided for your basic training. If you decide to further your career in this service you can enter the degree course for paramedics
 What is a typical day?
There is no such thing as a typical day, as the tasks are many and varied. Eg just transporting someone from home or medical centre to an have an xray or cat scan to full blown vehicle accident , In the latter you Will get the opportunity to work and liase with Fire an police personnel
What has been your most challenging situation in this role?
I see every job as a challenge, because our role is to provide safety to ourselves as well as our patients,  and to take care of their injuries to the point that  A pain free experience is maintained.

Best thing about the job?
Meeting people from all walks of life and the camaraderie of working with other members of the crew

How do you mentally prepare for the downsides of the job such as loss of life, injured children, knowing the victim etc?
No one can fully prepare for this, nor can they not feel emotion, but we have to steel ourselves at the time in order to provide the ultimate care. We receive almost immediate support after the job First by a telephone contact from our peer support rep and follow ups   and the opportunity to debrief . This is a tremendous service provided by SAAS to their staff.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career as an ambulance officer?
Visit your local ambulance station and make an appointment to discuss what is involved in the training, sign up for the volunteer course ( Free) and get some pre career experience.

 What are the entry level courses?
CERT II/IV course to achieve Ambulance officer level

What are the career pathways?
Paramedic Extended care paramedic Intensive Care Para

What sort of personal attributes are needed?
People skills, a willingness to learn, and a high degree of confidentiality An ability to hold a current Drivers License

What sort of Hours are  involved?
Volunteer 30hrs per month Full time 0600-1800. Shift Work.
How can someone apply?
Contact any ambulance station Team Leader of Ambulance officer in your area Alternatively SAAS HR

How can someone improve their chances of gaining employment?
 A good police record, A willingness to learn
Do you need any special clearances, testing or requirements as a staff member?

Regular Police checks, drivers license check

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Get the real story on what it is like to work in  the industry from  someone who works with those at risk of homelessness. 


What attracted you to working in the community service sector?   
I actually fell into the role by chance, being in an abusive marriage and seeking help lead me to develop an interest in counselling which then lead me into other areas of community service.  I have never felt any desire to leave community service work 

  What qualifications are necessary to deal with the requirements of the job?  
It depends of the area of community service you chose to work in.  I have qualifications in Aged Care, Gerentology, Alcohol and other Drugs, Community Services, Mental Health, Disability, Psychology, Sociology and OHS.  Life experience is often taken into account for those without qualifications and often a person is employed and then trained. 

What has been your most challenging moment?  
Definitely making the change from working with Multicultural Aged clients to working with AOD clients, although there is a parallel between all types of clients in community services.  The issues of PSTD, Addictions, Helplessness and Homelessness, Abuse and Misrepresentation is a theme in the majority of vulnerable groups 

What sort of pay can you expect working  in community services?  
 This depends on the region/state one works in as well as the level of grading aimed for.  For the coal face workers the pay is less than in other ‘white collar’ workers, moving into management roles brings higher salaries but removes the worker from regular interaction with the client group they chose to work with.  The general understanding is that no one, other than high level management, ever got rich working in community service. 

What kind of roles or career paths would be considered community services?  
 There are so many career paths in community service it depends largely upon where the individual wishes to be.  The company I work with has Youth, Mental Health, AOD, Homelessness, Employment, Childcare, Financial Counselling, Community Development programs so the choice is varied. 

What type of personality is needed I
 Incredibly patient and flexible!  Community Service workers need the ability to accept individuals without judgement and to understand that no outcome is ever guaranteed.  It can take a thick skin to work in this field, clients in crisis can be particularly tunnel visioned and centred on their own issues and not even notice or acknowledge when the worker has achieved something significant for them.  This doesn’t always happen and often the clients are grateful and appreciative though. 

Where can people go to get experience to gain employment in a community services role?  Most community service organisations are happy to have volunteers join them for any period of time the volunteer wishes to nominate.  Volunteering is a great way to gain experience in several different sectors to determine exactly where the individual prefers. 

What kind of rewards can you expect from a career in this industry?  
Knowing that you have personally helped to make a difference in an individuals life is a heady reward.  I have had clients who have been on the brink of suicide who have managed to turn their lives around and succeed and knowing that I was present during this change is an amazing feeling.  In aged care I got a lot of chocolate and cups of tea!! 

What courses should I be considering to have a career in community services?  
The best course to start with would be Cert IV in Community Services to get a feel for the sector and then chose to specialise if desired.  If you already have a strong leaning toward a particular sector then study in that area.  When I first started studying for Community Service I had no idea where exactly I wanted to work so I started with and AssDip in Community Work, this lead me to the aged sector where I felt most comfortable, I spent 7 years in this study completing my BA major Psych, sub major Sociology and GD in Gerentology and yet with a change of living area I transitioned into Mental Health and AOD and started studying again.